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Ice Cream Stabilizers

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Are you looking for the secret to making your ice cream the creamiest, tastiest, and quite simply the best on the market? The answer lies in ice cream stabilizers! Get in touch with the experts at Food Specialties to explore your options and find the perfect stabilizer for your product.

What’s in an Ice Cream Stabilizer?

Mouth feel, flavour release, stand-up ability. These are a few things you're looking for when it’s time to decide on the right stabilizing agent for your product. As ingredients, stabilizers add viscosity to water. In other words, thickening agents ! Most stabilizers come from natural sources like plants, animals, or bacteria. However, under law, they are considered food additives and must be represented by E numbers, or names in the ingredient list according to the jurisdiction where the ice cream is sold.

Stabilizers will improve your ice cream in all kinds of wonderful ways. In addition to reducing ice crystal growth, they’ll also reduce air bubble size, slow down melting time, and improve smoothness, body, and creaminess. In other words, if you want flavourful ice cream, you need stabilizers!

Food Specialties has over 50 years of experience in developing the perfect stabilizer for your ice cream recipe. Call us today to discover the stabilizer that will make your ice cream that much more spectacular.

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Ice Cream Stabilizers Toronto
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Why Are Smaller Ice Crystals Important?

Nailing the perfect sized ice crystals is an essential part of making your ice cream delectable. Oversized ice crystals will give your ice cream a grainy texture and unpleasant cold mouth feel.

By adding stabilizers to the mixture, you can limit the movement of water and prevent bigger crystals from forming if ever fluctuations in temperature cause your ice cream to melt and re-freeze. When you keep your ice crystals small, you can guarantee a smoother, creamier texture for your product.

Need more advice on stabilizers or other ice cream tips? The experts at Food Specialties would love to hear from you.

A smoother, creamier texture for your product

Ice Cream Stabilizers Mississauga

Want a slow-melting, great-tasting ice cream? Let us help!

From large distributors to small cafes, we are proud to help you produce your signature frozen treats… Call our ice cream experts now and tell us about the ingredients you’re looking for.

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